High-End Sampling And Sound Creation System

HALion is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound design system available today and excels the present creative process for producers and sound designers in all areas. It covers the complete creative workflow from recording, sample editing to programming advanced synthesis and creating professional sound libraries which you can actually share or sell.

More than 40 GB of high-end sound content

Up to 3400 presets in 14 instruments

Advanced wavetable and granular synthesis

Works with almost every DAW (AU, VST, AAX)

Play instruments

Sample your own sounds

Build and share instruments

Create professional sound libraries

Generate synth sounds

Create huge wavetables

Eight fantastic features you need to know

Next-generation wavetable synthesis

With the next-generation wavetable synthesizer in HALion no questions remain unanswered. With two aliasing-free wavetable oscillators arranged in parallel, HALion introduces a powerful yet flexible new sound source for stunning re-synthesis and unheard-of sound creations. The new profound analysis features even let you get creative using your own sounds with ease. Wavetables are automatically extracted, envelopes directly implemented into the wavetables on the fly, the integrated pitch detection finds the right blocksizes with just a click and the graphical spectrum editor makes editing harmonics intuitive and comfortable.

Instruments & Effects



Anima features a huge palette of cutting-edge synth sounds. Coupled with a powerful arpeggiator…


Auron will inspire you to create unique new soundscapes, but also provides 160 granular synthesis…


B-Box is a step sequencer for beats and drum tracks. It features 13 instruments and 16 steps, each…


The sounds of 1960s and ’70s rock and pop have left an indelible mark on music history. HALiotron…

Hot Brass

A multi-sampled brass library with gloriously fat, tight and authentic sounds which are perfect…

Model C

Variously described as smoky, punchy and silky, the Model C is a tonewheel organ emulation which…


Soaring through space like a bright star, Skylab’s unique combination of a huge sample library and…

Studio Strings

Combining great playability with vibrant sound, Studio Strings is a string ensemble sample library…

The Eagle

The Eagle grand piano has a rich and transparent sound which is ideally suited to modern pop, rock…

The Raven

The Raven is a grand piano that delivers a beautifully rich, harmonic sound with stunning nuances…


Many of the most famous analog synthesizers from the past inspired Voltage. Adding the sonic range…

World Instruments

World Instruments brings a huge array of music from different cultures to your productions. These…

World Percussion

From Africa to Asia, Europe and many other places, World Percussion allows you to play and record…



The innovative three-band Resonator allows formant-filtering for various tonal modifications for…

Auto Filter

A next-generation sound-morphing machine, Auto Filter will take you on a journey through new…

Tape Saturator

Warm up digital samples and recordings with Tape Saturator, an emulation of analog gear that can…

Ring Modulator

Ring Modulator creates new sonic worlds by multiplying two audio signals; its simple GUI belies…

Envelope Shaper

A powerful and useful tool, Envelope Shaper manipulates the transients of signals offering…


The reworked rotor speaker cabinet effect has very powerful editing capabilities such as…


This graphic equalizer comes with ten bands and features drawing of EQ curves, an invert parameter…


This is a straightforward low-distortion limiter with auto-release. It puts a “hard ceiling” on…


This is a flexible gate with independent attack, release and auto-release controls.


This is a powerful flanger with tempo sync mode and lots of parameters waiting to be tweaked.


This powerful and versatile equalizer offers full four-band parametric control with variable…


This is a single stage chorus effect.


This is a classic compressor with auto release, auto make-up gain, hard/soft knee and RMS/Peak.

Vintage Ensemble

This is an inspirational new take on a classic ensemble-type chorus effect. Vintage Ensemble adds…


A highly creative effect useful for treating all manner of audio material, the Octaver adds…

Step Flanger

Step Flanger redefines the traditional flanger effect by adding a sample and hold section that…


This is a classic expander which also features auto-release and “live” mode for low-latency use.


This is a highly adjustable reverb plug-in for creating realistic room ambience and reverb effects…

Tube Compressor

This versatile compressor with integrated tube-simulation allows you to achieve smooth and warm…


This is a classic and custom vibrato effect with depth control, ideally for emulating the famous…

Brickwall Limiter

Brickwall Limiter ensures that the output level never exceeds a set limit.


This is an easy-to-use three-band parametric equalizer that resembles the EQs found on typical DJ…


VST Amp delivers fabulous guitar and bass tone, featuring stunningly authentic recreations of…

Frequency Shifter

This plug-in shifts each frequency of the input signal by a fixed amount.

Wah Wah

A faithful emulation of the best wah pedals, this simple yet flexible effect features parameters…

Tube Saturator

Tube Saturator enriches the sound by adding the characteristic harmonics of a saturated tube to…


This is a guitar amp and speaker simulation which features 14 amp and tube emulations and ten…


The maximizer raises the loudness of audio material without the risk of clipping.


REVerence is a high-end convolution reverb processor, being capable of emulating sweet-sounding…


MultiDelay is a powerful multi-stage delay effect with variable filter stage.


This is a classic phaser with variable filter stage, phase modification and tempo sync.


This is a classic tremolo effect with optional tempo sync, depth and phase controls.


This plug-in expands the stereo width of (stereo) audio material.


VintageCompressor is modeled after vintage type compressors.

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