Yamaha Vintage Collection

From analog compression and equalization to evolving modulation effects over to tape machine saturation — these plug-ins replicate the sound of the 1970s.

Vintage Channel Strip

Vintage Stomp Pack

Vintage Open Deck

The Vintage Channel Strip consists of three plug-ins, the EQ 601, the Compressor 260 and the Compressor 276, reproducing the sound characteristics of several classic hardware EQ and compressor devices from the 1970s. Faithfully capturing the analog circuitries of these hardware masterpieces, these plug-ins are also fine-tuned by leading engineers and provide an interface that combines simplicity in operation with exceptional sounding results.

The Vintage Stomp Pack includes several effect plug-ins that exactly reproduce the analog sound of the original vintage guitar effects. Based on the progressive VCM technology, which provides an ultra-realistic sound modeling of the repective hardware image, the Vintage Stomp Pack fascinates by its rich and warm sound and an easy-to-use interface for a straightforward operation.

Vintage Channel Strip

EQ 601 — The vintage sound experience

The EQ 601 combines the sound of a classic equalizer from the 1970s with a wide range of practical…

Compressor 276 — classic style compression

The 276 is a stereo compressor that has brought numerous professional productions to sonic…

Compressor 260 — sound reinforcement of the late 1970s

The Compressor 260 reintroduces the classic sound of the acclaimed compressor/limiter modules…

Vintage Stomp Pack

Max 100 – Dual Phaser

The dual phaser Max 100 delivers the original sound of the 1970’s hardware phasers. Modeled with…

Dual Phaser

The Dual Phaser plug-in is a VCM technology-based reproduction of a legendary stomp box, tailored…

Vintage Phaser

This plug-in combines the best qualities of the most popular classical phasers. Thanks to a large…

Vintage Flanger

The Vintage Flanger is the counterpart of the Vintage Phaser, comprising the vintage sound…

Vintage Wah

The warm and gorgeous sound of this 1970’s wah-wah effect is a must have for ambitious guitarists…

Vintage Open Deck

The recreation of analog tape characteristics has always been a demanding discipline. The Vintage Open Deck employs the VCM technology to recreate the analog circuitry and tape characteristics that shaped the sound of open-reel tape recorders. Legendary tape recorders from Studer or Ampex have created a sound, which is only difficult to find in today’s production environments. The Vintage Open Deck is a four-in-one tape machine emulation with different sound characteristics to choose from: Swiss ‘70, Swiss ‘78, Swiss ‘85 and American ‘70. For an even wider range of variation, the characteristics can be individually applied to the record and playback decks.

Yamaha Vintage Channel Strip
Yamaha Vintage Open Deck